Isn’t it always this way?


Abandoned in San Antonio

Why? Does she deserve it? Is she worthless? Her name is Margaret. She is 2.5 months old and is available at the San Antonio Humane Society.


These People Should Never Know Freedom Again

People like this, and I use the term “people” VERY lightly, should be locked away in a solitary confinement cell somewhere in the driest and hottest place on earth, and never be allowed to live among us again. I don’t have adequate words to describe these people. I don’t understand how anyone, regardless of their intelligence level (and it isn’t very high with these assholes), can treat any living being, (whether that being is destined for slaughter or not), as cruelly as these animals are treated. And the really sad thing, is that this is only one of perhaps thousands of just such instances across the globe that happen every day. This one just happened to be caught on film. I am sure that many, many more living beings are drained of all dignity and their very existence by uncaring, unfeeling, complete and total idiotic assholes every hour of every day. What kind of sadistic perverts does it take to do these kinds of things? Regardless of what your job situation is, having to stoop to this level to stay employed is a sad state of affairs. These workers are the types (likely right wing assholes) who will literally cry when their team doesn’t win the Super Bowl, but are totally impervious to the cries of animals they are abusing.

Really, WTF?

Everyone who eats and uses and abuses animals is just as guilty as these workers. Eating just a “little fish,” makes you just as guilty. Eating a “little bit of chicken,” makes you just as guilty. Buying that leather iPad case, makes you just as guilty. Having just “a little bit of cheese,” makes you just as guilty. Not doing anything to help end these types of abuses, makes you just as guilty.

I used to think that it was okay to eat meat because the damage was already done. The animal already suffered and died, so why not? I wasn’t the one guilty of doing anything wrong. Or it was okay to have a little bit of cheese on my nachos because after all, the cow isn’t actually killed for her milk, is she? (As if you really believe she is retired to a nice green and sunny pasture to live out the rest of her years in blissful rest.) It was okay for me to buy and wear that leather belt, because after all, have you ever tried to find a man’s belt NOT made of leather? Really have you? If you failed in your search, you’re a moron.

Do I really think that my not eating meat is changing much? Do I really think that the 100+ animals lives I save each year by living a vegan lifestyle really matter when over 10 billion other animals are slaughtered each year? Do I really think that by spending a few hours a week volunteering at an animal shelter is making much of a difference? And do I really think I can be effective in changing anyone’s mind enough to make them switch to a vegan diet? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

How can you justify doing any less?

Here’s the disturbing Mercy for Animals undercover video, Auction Atrocities. Go watch it, you coward.