No More Monkey Business In Indonesia

No More Monkey Business In Indonesia –

Joseph The Dog Was Chained To A Tree For 4 Years. Yet one more reason to really hate some people.

Joseph The Dog Was Chained To A Tree For 4 Years –

We should be ashamed to call ourselves a compassionate people, when we condone making them live like this


What the hell is wrong with people?

Miracle survival

Try to read this and watch this without crying. If you can, you’re not an animal lover.

Jerry. Forced to pull a carriage in 98 degree heat in Salt Lake City.

Then dragged onto a trailer to be taken back to a shelter and hidden from public view. Why do some people care so little?


What is wrong with people that they would allow this to happen?


Evil, disgusting, and very, very sad. Unnecessary.

Here’s where the sausage in Mississippi schools comes from

So don’t kid yourself, “Cowboy”. All you are doing is showing your ignorance.


How is this even remotely right? Disgusting.


Woman Gored During Final Day Of Running Of The Bulls

Sorry,  but I  have no sympathy for this woman.  Why people think this is fun  or think that the animals involved are somehow enjoying this is beyond me. I  would imagine that these animals are terrorized.

Woman Gored During Final Day Of Running Of The Bulls –

Do you need your wool bad enough to condone this?

Sheep lived thousands of years never being sheared by man. Why do we think we have to interfere? Oh wait, because we are selfish?


If you buy Butterball (of any kind) you actively support this typical treatment.


Tell the Calgary Stampede that this isn’t fun, ethical, or right.

Calf roping

Here’s where your eggs come from. Happy?