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I have learned Blogging and Social Media through my own study, and trial and error, and this site is one example of what I have learned. I have spent a lot of time designing and perfecting it, but I know it still has a long way to go. Still, not bad though, huh? This site is hosted by WordPress.

If you like this site, and you are interested in speaking to me about creating and maintaining a blog for you or your organization, please contact me, and we can discuss your needs, and fair and equitable rates. I like to specialize my work towards non-profits dealing with a plant-based lifestyle, Veganism, Vegetarianism, animal rescue and sanctuary, and animal rights for all animals. I do not, however, restrict myself to these types of sites only. I WILL NOT take on any work that represents any kind of organized religion, cults, or those sites with a mature theme to include pornography, gambling, or ANY TYPE of human or animal exploitation. If you can live with that, please contact me using the email address below.

Also, if you just have comments or suggestions about this site, contact me at the same address.

gregd01(at)animalsdeservetolive(dot)com (that’s zero one)

7 thoughts on “Like This Site?

  1. Hi , I’m new to this site and am a vegan. Has anyone read the book This Is Hope,
    ( Green Vegan ecology) by Will Anderson?
    This is not a promotional gimmick, I don’t know the guy, but I think he has proposed some great ideas, any comments?

  2. Partly thanks to this site, I have just made the decision to return again to being a vegetarian. Hopefully I can work towards being a Vegan from there. Thank you my friend.

  3. Like this site? ABSOLUTELY !!! is it new? needs to get more attention. keep up good work.

    • Thank you! And I just celebrated the one year anniversary of the site a couple of weeks ago. Still not skilled on getting the word out though!

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