Don’t support this “fun,” because they are the ones that pay a severe price


Let someone who doesn’t believe in chains have them instead


Remember this image at your BBQ today. Because you condone this.


Seriously? She’s twice as big as this poor animal. True animal abuse.

I have since found out that this woman is wanted by the police because this stunt she pulled with this miniature horse is actually an instance of the forms of the sick, twisted, “fetish” of animal crushing which I blogged about earlier in the week. WTF????? What is wrong with people? Why would anyone look at this horse, and say, “hmm, I wonder what kind of thrill I can get by riding this horse (who I outweigh by at least 100 pounds), until I crush him to death with my fat, ignorant, ass?”

I will never understand the desire to do this to defenseless animals, or even to those who can fight back. People who do these things need to be locked away, forever, never to be a part of society again.

Is your ice cream, butter, milk, and cheese worth this?


But do it more so, because you care


Could you live the way we make them live?


Calf roping. Exactly WHO is this fun for?


Why is this a legal “sport”?


Evolve already!

Note: This is NOT, N-O-T, your food, your slave, your future wallet, or your source of medicine. What does it the to make you realize that?


It only stops when people like you actively work against it


Bull: 1, matador: 0

Though this matador is credited for already having killed one bull earlier in the day.


Why the killing of George in San Antonio should scare us all

George’s murder

Here’s where your foie gras comes from


This is more humane? Really?