Horrible to see, but necessary to remember.

People For the Ethical Treatment of Plants: 4 Reasons Why the “Plant Sentience” Argument Doesn’t Work

People For the Ethical Treatment of Plants: 4 Reasons Why the “Plant Sentience” Argument Doesn’t Work.


I used to be the same way, so I can’t say I don’t completely understand it, but…

How can a person look at a being, a being with a life, with children, with a heartbeat, a brain, and say to that animal, you have something I want, and because I am bigger and more powerful, and I know how to use a weapon, I am going to take that thing from you? What we are really are saying is, I want soup made from your fins. I want your ivory to make my jewelry. I want every single inch of your being so that I can adorn my feet, and so the skin that used to be on your face, can now be used to hold my money.

When we use ANY animal product, when we abuse any animal who trusts us to be their guardian, when we end a life because we can, then we prove ourselves uncaring, unloving, and cold and cruel. Why do we think we have the right to tear apart families? Why do we feel we have the right to take a mother’s milk which nature intended for their offspring, not ours? Where is it written that animals are here for our convenience? And when they get too old, or too sick, or when we want a steak, it’s okay to take that life, or throw that life away? Literally? Like out of a speeding car?

This is not to say that if a beloved pet is too sick or injured to ever recover, it’s not okay to peacefully end their lives. That would be the more compassionate thing to do, rather than letting them suffer. But how can we take an animal into our homes as a “pet,” and raise that being along with our own human families for years and years, and then, the first time we find them to be “inconvenient,” dump them into the woods somewhere? Or shoot them, or leave them to starve, freeze to death, or fight? That same pet that provided a head on your lap when you were in front of the television, or that pet who slept at the foot of your bed each night, or scared away potential danger, or loved you unconditionally somehow becomes inconvenient? Somehow they no longer deserve to have your guardianship? They have served their “purpose” and are now expendable?

Animals, pets or otherwise, are not food. They are not “things.” They are not punching bags. They are not clothing for our bodies. They were not born on this earth for our use and abuse. Regardless of what your “holy” book may say.

Until each of us makes the commitment to treat ALL non-human beings, all wild, domesticated, sea and factory-farmed animals as we ourselves want to be treated, we’ll never grow any stronger, kinder, or more compassionate as a people. As long as it has a heartbeat, as long as it has a face (regardless of how “unpleasant” we may find that face), that being has a right to find the peace and happiness they need to make their lives complete. Just like we do.

There is really only one choice, choose a life of compassion. Go Vegan.

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It could happen where you live just as easily as it does in LA

Pet Thefts on the Rise Nationwide

Why do we have to refight this same battle year after year? Isn’t it time to stop this war once and for all?

Canada’s Commercial Seal Slaughter

Again, what are they so afraid of? The truth? Methinks so.



Ag Gag or “whistleblower suppression” laws allow animal enterprises to get away with animal abuse, food safety violations, workplace safety violations and countless environmental hazards.

Take the time to contact your legislators and tell them that YOU DO NOT WANT AG GAG LAWS in your state.

Animal rights groups are becoming successful at exposing the cruelty inflicted on animals by humans. This is clearly evident as more laws are being passed to protect the guilty parties and to punish animal advocates.

The farm industry and the American Legislative Exchange Council are behind the latest Ag Gag bills being introduced in state legislatures nationwide. The purpose of these bills is to criminalize acts related to investigating the day-to-day activities of industrial (factory) farms and other animal enterprises, including the recording, possession or distribution of photos, video and/or audio. Such investigations have been instrumental in animal cruelty prosecutions and spurred reforms to protect the safety of the nation’s food supply. The bills threaten not only to cover up horrific animal abuse and food safety issues, but also other illegal environmental and labor violations. The animals need to be protected and the American people have a right to know how food is produced.

Free speech is a constitutional right; it is an outrage that laws are being passed to stifle it!

A new rule

So let’s adopt a new rule. If you insist on using an animal or animal byproduct in any way, you have to kill and process the being you choose to destroy, all by yourself. If you choose to have bacon with your morning eggs, you have to process (kill, clean, etc.) the pig yourself. You pick out the pig, you “process it” (kill it), and you get it to your plate without any assistance. If you want to continue buying and wearing another being’s fur, you find the animal, you kill it and skin it and then make the product you choose to wear. And when it comes to that evening’s meatloaf, well, you get the picture.

I wonder then how many people will continue to condone factory farming and the “processing” of these innocent beings? And let’s make the above rule even better. Let’s make it mandatory that you have to raise that being you choose to destroy, from its embryonic stage, all the way to its slaughter.

Yes, I realize that people who grow up on farms likely have, or continue to do these very things. They raise and kill these animals for their personal consumption all the time. But do you think the average non-farmer could do these things? Doubt it.

There are billions of people on this earth that still believe that “free range” animals and the like, freely give their lives so that we can have our hamburgers and hot dogs at the weekend barbecue. There are billions of people who probably think that those nice, neat packages of hamburger are magically harvested from some field in North Dakota, already packaged and ready to ship to market. There are billions of people on this planet who know no other way, or who willfully remain blind to the truth. And, there are many who, even knowing the truth about factory farming, believe it is their “god-given right” to hold this “dominion” over the beasts of the fields. Really?

The war to stop the killing is overwhelming at times because most people who consume animals, just don’t care about the truth. They just don’t get it. Or they get it, but think it’s all just part of the circle of life. But as for me, I’ll continue to fight until ALL animals are once again free to roam the earth as life intended. At peace. Without pain. Without fear. For their entire NATURAL lifespan.

The REAL way pigs should live

the real way pigs should live

The next time the Ringling Bros. come knocking, remember this

The only beings that the circus is ever “fun” for, are those who profit from the abuse of animals made to do unnatural things in exchange for occasional food and water, small, inadequate cages, and continual abuse. Is that the kind of place you want to visit and/or take your kids?

quitting the circus

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the next revolutionary step

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