Planning the attack


2 thoughts on “Planning the attack

  1. Hi dear Greg…. Happy Peaceful Compassionate Vegan Thanksgiving to you and your family… Greg, I just this moment received a text on my cell from you asking if I can now see the site… I am a dunce when it comes to anything with technology, so even tho I did respond to the text, I am not sure if it actually returns to you?? And dear Greg, not sure what that was referring to, but I remember at one time I was having a hard time getting online with ‘Animals Deserve to Live’ and I wrote you at the email provided and also on your FB page (another place I am an idiot with user-friendly-ability!!)…. and the email was returned to me and I don’t know what ever happened with the FB contact attempt. That was -thankfully- some time ago and I have been able to connect with ADTL without any difficulties since then. And too I think there was one time in the past that a link you provided us with didn’t work for me…. Dear Greg, joining you in all your good efforts to liberate the animal kingdom…. all the best to you and your family! Carol

    • Thank you, Carol. All my best to you and yours as well. And yes, I think you got that text because I did respond to a message you sent me on the Facebook page that was from way back in September that had somehow gotten overlooked. So glad all is well!

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