We love you. We are trying.


3 thoughts on “We love you. We are trying.

  1. Yesssss… we do love you and we are trying…. you are the reason we do all we do…. to try to help you and get you liberated. Our hearts break with you and for you.

      • Ohhh Godddd Greg yes, isn’t that the truth… even with seeing the pains and sufferings, that will be the response… “yummy/bacon”… I will never understand this mental disturbance called ‘humanity’…. Every time the news shows a poor cow or pig that escaped slaughter, the response from ‘the man in the street’ is ‘makes me want to have a steak’. When the report is on mad cow disease and people are interviewed asking if that would make them rethink their eating habits, the retort is ‘I like my steak rare’. I give up Greg…

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