How many of these do you use?

I found some that I use, but had no idea of their involvement. No more.

Companies that test on animals

2 thoughts on “How many of these do you use?

  1. Hi Greg ,well I went to look but I’m not allowed because I signed a petition not to go on Facebook along with a lot of others, I guess we pissed the dillweeds off, now they’re totally blocking me off, I used to be able to sneak in to see something important, so I have to find some other way I do try to keep up,but they’re sneaky bastards especially when they move to another country to make their products like in China its mandatory to do animal testing I don’t know what it is about the Chinese they certainly love to torment animals! I buy Perlier its made in Italy all organic natural products and no animal testing and I don’t seem to be allergic to any of there products. My makeup I get from Signature A also made in Italy all natural and no animal testing.

  2. Download the App “Animal-Free” and “Barnivore” that way you can look stuff up before you buy. For example, most people are unaware that unless a bar of soap is labeled *vegan* or has the bunny rabbit symbol, it contains animal fat a.k.a. tallowate (sp?). People often assume that because something is labeled “green” that is is cruelty-free when that is not the case. Many so-called *green* laundry detergents contain animal products.

    Same with beer/wine/hard liquor contains animal products or animal products were used in the making.

    When I am unsure, I check my Animal-Free App or VegWeb.

    I may blog about all the Apps that are available to us Vegans.


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