5 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Thanks so much for the much needed encouragement, Greg.

    Greg, I know we are not at all enthralled with the total lack of awareness on the part of the ecumenical community…heaven help us and the animals if we ever expect the churches, temples, mosques to the hell do anything about the animal issues….if anything they are behind much of the horror. Greg, there is a beautiful priest, he is ‘Fr. Tom, Animal Priest’….he ‘gets it’ about all the issues in Animal Rights. He also is painfully aware that the Catholic Church along with the Protestant and all religions, in their abysmal silence (and support) of the horrors, have been woefully negligent in their duties to the animals and to people too. “Occupy for Animals” has sponsored Fr. Tom and his petition that he is taking (for the 3rd time, never any response from the powers that be)….he is taking it to the Vatican. I know we Animal Rights people have had it with religion….Fr. Tom is one of us… and because so many Animal people, rightly so, don’t want to be bothered with religion as it has hardly been a voice for the animals…..Fr. Tom’s petition is very short of the needed signatures on Change.org. As the ‘Occupy for Animals’ site states, “his campaign is neither about politics, nor about religions, but about the animals in the first place. Tom’s message is pure. Tom’s message is about Love and Respect for ALL beings living. It doesn’t matter if we are Catholic, atheist, or if we believe in any other religion. What is important is THE one thing that we all have in common: a great love for animals, and the strong desire to make a real difference in the way animals are treated in our world.”

    I will include the link here for ‘OFA’s page for Tom….this man is an animal rights abolitionist…. I wish we could get Dr. Tom Regan and Fr. Tom in touch. Tom Regan produced ‘We Are All Noah’ decades ago….admonishing the churches, temples, mosques for letting us all down in this most important arena. I know Gary Francione and his being a former Catholic who is understandably mad as hell at the Church, I don’t know if he will view it as something ‘religious’ and not be interested.

    Not that I think anything will come out of this…the institutions are too deeply entrenched in their darkness…. to support Fr. Tom who seems to be the only religious who gives a damn about the animals… would be good if we could garner some support for him as he makes this journey…yet again…to the most powerful entity that sadly could care less about animals.


    Greg, thank you always for caring and being a voice and heart for the animals.

    • Thanks, Carol. I know of Father Tom and his work, and in fact have blogged on him and his work before. I am a great admirer and supporter. Thanks for these valuable links and information to help my readers get acquainted /reacquainted.

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