Really, Facebook? Have you no conscious? Or heart?

Kitten torture video remains on Facebook

Fun for kids? Seriously?

Rabbit Rodeo Scrambles

If you love animals, and you sign no other petition in your lifetime, sign this one.

I have absolutely no words to describe how evil, sick, and disgusting this is. May all who participate in any way, maker or consumer, share an equally horrifying end.

Animal crush films

Pet Supplies Plus petition

Tell Pet Supplies Plus to stop selling rabbits

The victims may have changed, but not the excuses



Sorry, but injecting poison into a mouse, or burning out the eyes of a rabbit so that you can know for a fact that getting shampoo in your eyes hurts, or so that you can drink that can of whatever crap you prefer, does NOT constitute caring for an animal at the highest standard. Wake up.

Unilever and Nestlé

Enough is enough!

We are obviously not reaching them through gentleness and kindness. The truth isn’t getting through. Animals are still being abused, killed, eaten, and thrown away in record numbers. Those assholes who post pictures of dogs, cats, and kittens they have killed by hanging them, kicking them, throwing them out of a window, or tossing them out of a moving car on Facebook, are pretty much the lowest form of scum on the earth. They do not deserve to live, and they deserve the exact same treatment they inflict on these defenseless souls who depend on us for their very survival.

And the same goes for all of those who profit in any way from the use, abuse, slaughter, and murder of any farm animal. How you live with yourselves is beyond me.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.


Black beans, quinoa, red and yellow peppers. Can you say, “yes, please”?


Evolve already!

Note: This is NOT, N-O-T, your food, your slave, your future wallet, or your source of medicine. What does it the to make you realize that?


The next time…

…I listen to or overhear someone saying how much they love animals, while dressed to the nines in their new leather sandals, while grotesquely filling their fat face with an egg, sausage, and cheese McMuffin death sandwich, I will have to speak up. I may end up dead, but what the hell, it will be for a great cause.

Because really, isn’t NOT speaking up just perpetuating the ignorance?

How will you celebrate?


Some good news and a complete whore for big agriculture.

While it was a somewhat positive week in the fight against bringing horse slaughter back to the US, it was a sad week at the hands of a loser from Iowa who continues to work to line the pockets of big Ag, and has no regards for the life of animals. How does this “representative” keep getting elected, and what kind of people are supporting him?
Some people continue to remain callous and ignorant

The method really doesn’t matter, the end results are still just as sad.


To all meat eaters


The evilness on puppy mills