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3rd National Animal Rights Day in L.A.


If you do, then how can you not be Vegan?


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And you or I could now be jailed for recording and reporting this a**hole. Where the f**k are our priorities?

Sorry for the language, but eventually, even as a writer, I run out of words…


Why does ANYONE have to still investigate “whether there is evidence of a crime”? Are animals really that worthless?

Deserves the exact same treatment as punishment

I just received one of the nicest awards, and one of the nicest comments.


I try to update this blog at least twice a day with stories and pictures I find around the Internet. I always try to post some “cute” things along with the grisly truth, because those I am trying to reach about the plight of animals around the world, won’t visit if its all blood and sad stories. In other words, they won’t visit if there is too much truth.

There are those faithful visitors I see everyday like Colleen, Susan, Renard, Buddy, and Nancy, and so, so many others. Close to 250 per day. But there are many who visit that I never learn their names. They prefer to visit, read, and hopefully learn or strengthen their resolve to help the defenseless and voiceless we share this planet with.

So I am always a little shocked when someone, like Summer at Summer4Soul.org visits, is touched and leaves behind a very kind though, and gives a very meaningful award. Not, by any means, that any of the others this site has received are any less special. They all mean so much, as do those who give them. This one just hit me especially close because I believe so much in what Summer says and does.

$1,000 Reward Offered for Information Leading to Arrest and Conviction of Puppy Mutilator

There are way, way too many sick f***s in this world for my liking. What a horrible waste of a life. And for what? Pleasure? Seriously? WTF?

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San Juan, Puerto Rico — The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s) who savagely mutilated a puppy by chopping all four legs off. The black puppy was found alive in a parking lot with infected and rotting bones and was euthanized last Sunday.

According to media reports, a local animal rescue group called Rabito Kontento had seen the puppy, who they named “Ocean,” playing happily on the beach with his mother last Friday. Ocean was found mutilated on Sunday near a resort in the northern coastal town of Hatillo. The rescue group’s spokesperson, Mariel Rojas has said “Nobody has seen anything; nobody has said anything.”

Aggravated animal abuse is a second-degree felony in Puerto Rico. The penalty for felony aggravated animal abuse is a minimum of eight and maximum…

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“Humane” is a myth


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