Response to a puppy mill breeder

Good for you!


2 thoughts on “Response to a puppy mill breeder

  1. Becky is spot-on! Well done Becky!

    Breeding animals for profit is exploitation. What if I decided to breed children to sell or enslave, that would be wrong and everyone would speak out in anger. Animals do not speak the same language as humans so as Becky stated, they have no voice and she, like the rest of us, are the voice of the voiceless. What I find amusing is, when breeders, meat eaters et al. justify their behavior by assuming us vegans/animal rights activists have “no life” and “no job”. I have a full time job and like Becky, I spend many tireless hours fighting for the rights of animals as well as educating those who prefer to turn a blind eye. I’m not a loser. I am a responsible citizen. I own my own home. I pay my taxes, mortgage, bills on time. I vote. I am, as Nixon said, “The silent majority”. The only thing I am NOT silent on and will never be silent on is animal exploitation and abuse!!!!

    That breeder can explain her position six ways til Sunday but she will NEVER convince me that breeding dogs for profit is morally acceptable.

    As for her throwing God into the mix — classic argument when someone has run out of an argument. Note to the breeder: No one knows what God thinks or feels and not everyone subscribes to Christine doctrine. Besides, IMHO, some of the worst people I have met in my adult life were all Bible thumpers!

    If God exists, I want to hear from HIS mouth what he thinks and feels. I do NOT want to hear it from someone who thinks they know what God wants based on a bunch of revised versions of the Bible. Sorry — the Bible was written by men, not God, and it would seem, man is deft at twisting the words of the Bible to his favor at every turn, at least, that’s my feeling anyway…

    Sorry, got off on a tangent here.

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