365, not one


5 thoughts on “365, not one

  1. I agree, but it’s a start. If people realise they can do without meat on Monday, hopefully they’ll realise they can do without it more often. Dairy and eggs are often harder for some people and where they draw the line. Then they get this attitude of, “It’s too much, so I won’t do anything.”

    • You and I agree it’s a start, but what gets me, is if you know eating and using animal products is wrong on Monday, how hard can it be to transfer that same conviction to the other six days?

      • I’m not sure everyone does it because they know it’s wrong. Some are doing it for health reasons. And for others, even when they know it’s wrong, or are just starting to make that connection, years of habit and industry propaganda are hard to throw away overnight.

        • You are right. I also think some do it so that they can say they believe in animal rights. At least one day a week. A false sense if righteousness.

          • Yeah. A bit like “happy meat” and “happy milk”. Oh, and “humane slaughter”.

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