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Today is the first day of US VegWeek

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What a difference love makes


Incredibly sad and heartbreaking


No matter how much money you do or don’t have…

…having a dog (or a cat, or a pig, or a rabbit, or a…) makes you rich.


It’s all about the very last word in the very last sentence


Mondays are not enough


Again, the power of proper care and kindness

Patrick before and after, thanks to Farm Sanctuary.


Sweet Victory for British Circus Animals!

All The Sweet Things

I’m thrilled to write this post. I complain about the circus all the time and recently the ASPCA was sued over what they said about animal cruelty in the circus (who the F sues the ASPCA?!). England has gotten it right though! They have made a move in Parliament to ban the use of wild animals in the circus starting in 2015. There was overwhelming support for this by the British public.

When one stops to think about it, the circus is horribly cruel. The tricks animals perform are for starters NOT fun for them and second of all they are often very painful for them for perform! Elephants aren’t meant to be stuck in a cage and dragged across the country. They are meant to be in the wild covered in dirt and mud…not face paint and idiotic props. The circus has angered me for a long time and…

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Toronto Pig Vigil

Why are these lives so worthless to these morons?

Too many really believe this


Speak out against the murder of Canada’s seals

Of Course Vegan

The murder has begun again. A number of animal rights organizations have reported Canadian seal hunters are now, once again, able to club to death innocent baby harp seals in Northern Canada, despite growing calls against the practice the government maintains is part of a cultural tradition. And they report killing more already this year compared to last year.

“Sealers ambushed the pristine nursery with their hakapiks and guns, spilling the blood of pups who miraculously survived the first few weeks of their short lives as climate change melts the ice around them,” wrote Humane Society International Executive Director Rebecca Aldworth in a communique last year days into the carnage and horror.

The scenes have been well-documented and videos abound online of the almost unthinkable killing that continues to pervade Canada’s northern territory annually. In the videos, Canadian hunters are seen beating, over and over, small defenseless pups, until their…

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How will you celebrate?



Why don’t people see the irony? And hypocrisy?


The power of care and protection