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Horse tripping

WTF? There are people who actually enjoy this? I really, really hate some people.


The fate of billions of male chicks every year


Do you have a home to share?


Who is Mali?

Mali is the lone elephant at the Manila Zoo, and the only captive elephant in the Philippines. Support PETA’s campaign to retire Mali to a sanctuary where she can have room to roam, other elephants to socialize with, and the life she truly deserves!

Check out freemali.com

Please don’t forget about Mali


It’ll do you both a world of good


What do you suppose will happen to the newborn twins in the dairy industry?


Have you?


Friend, not food


How is this okay and right?




Smile! An Exciting New Vegan Resource is Coming Soon

Can’t wait!

Honk If You're Vegan


Have you heard about Bleat? One of my readers (thanks cowgirl) turned me on to it yesterday. It’s a vegan social network that’s launching in May. I checked it out, and it looks like it’s going to great. Here’s some info from their website:

What’s so great about Bleat?

There’s a lot to discover at Bleat, such as:

  • A vast comprehensive vegan resource
  • Interact with vegans from all across the globe
  • Advice on vegan friendly brands
  • Recipes, restaurant guides & reviews
  • Information on the welfare of animals

How do we sum Bleat up? Well, Bleat isn’t just a vegan social network and it’s certainly far from just a vegan directory. Simply put, it’s a whole new way to get the absolute most from your vegan lifestyle.

Okay Bleat, you’ve got me curious. I hope you live up to your hype:-)

Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin / http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

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Put an end to greyhound racing

Greyhounds are some of the moated abused and wasted animals on the planet.


Illawarra Mercury  INEZ HAMILTON-SMITH; April 15, 2013

While you were at home this past Wednesday evening, maybe cooking a nice meal or relaxing watching the TV, greyhounds were racing at various tracks around Australia. These dogs were literally running for their lives. Some didn’t make it.

At the Dapto greyhound track, three greyhounds lost their lives.

The first greyhound that died was Shez’s Way. She was a 19-month-old black greyhound.

This was her very first race. Something happened at the first turn and Shez’s Way stopped running. The track vet inspected her and found she had a serious fractured leg. Serious enough that she wouldn’t race again. When you are a greyhound and you can’t race, you are generally considered worthless. Shez’s Way was put to sleep. 

Shez’s Way is possibly luckier than four of her litter mates that were not even named. If you are not a good…

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Pups will live to bark another day under new pets policy

Once again, Australia progresses over us.


Courier Mail ; ROBYN IRONSIDE; April 17, 2013

NO PUPPY put up for sale in pet shops will be put down in Queensland under a new policy announced at State Parliament yesterday.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh joined eight-week-old pups Bobby and Phil for the announcement of an agreement between the Pet Industry Association of Australia and the RSPCA.

Under the deal, micro-chipped “ethically sourced” puppies sold through Queensland’s 140 or so PIAA member pet stores will be re-homed if abandoned or returned.

It is not known how many pups are destroyed if they are unwanted after being bought from pet shops but RSPCA CEO Mark Townend said the figure could be considerable.

About 40,000 dogs a year are put down in Queensland but that includes those euthanased for medical reasons.

PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said the new policy was about guaranteeing “happy pets for life”.

“What this policy will…

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