For your reference, 20 cruelty-free options.

For cruelty-free beauty.

dandelion whiskers

So the other day I found myself in the beauty section at the department store yet again and I got to swatch these L’Oreal Rouge Caresse Nutrishine Lipsticks (or whatever it’s called, suuuuch a looong name, so confusing) and I was surprised that I like how they looked! I loved how they look and it was weird because I was never one to go for glossy lip products.  Satin finishes, I can handle, matte finishes I love, glosses almost never. I took note of the shades I loved and went back home and researched.  I really wanted these babies! And then I stumbled onto a blog and although the review was good, there was little statement that caught me off guard. Her review was something like, “as much as I want to repurchase these, I just found out that L’Oreal tests on animals…” and of course my heart is crushed.

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