And yet, they consider the “taping” of this horror a bigger crime than what happens in these places!



PETA and the State of Virginia

What more proof do you need?




Incredibly disgusting

Anyone who thinks this elephant learned this trick of his own volition is sadly, sadly mistaken.


Help prevent the planned horse slaughter plant in New Mexico from opening

Help stop horse slaughter

Even sadder when this truth is told


Jenny Desmond. A hero.


See what happens when we give them love and allow them some peace?


Portrait of a hypocrite


This is a problem, even in Texas

stop finning

“Zombie” Finds Long Island Cat in Times Square

See, even zombies care for animals!

Igor Purlantov

It took a zombie to find Disaster at the Crossroads of the World.  Two years after he disappeared from his Long Island home, Disaster the cat was found this week in the heart of Manhattan — by a Times Square haunted house promoter dressed up as a zombie.  Jeremy Zelkowitz, who sells tickets for the Times Scare haunted house, spotted Disaster early Saturday morning crossing 42nd Street. He snatched up Disaster, a black and white cat who appeared to be well-kept and neat, and brought him to a nearby animal hospital.

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Animal Issues: Sad Secrets of the Dairy Industry

For those of you who think being Vegetarian versus full-fledged Vegan, is good enough. (Hint: It’s really just as cruel for the animals involved.)

Speak Out for Species

By Julie Clark

It is a sad truth that in our society we do not think or ask about the origins of the products on which we depend. But when you start to think about it, you realize that so many of these products come from the destruction of life.

 How do you put a price on life? If I asked you this question about a family member, a friend, your beloved dog, the answer would be simple: it is impossible to put a price on that love. Humans aren’t the only animals to feel this way. Animals experience pain, sadness, grief at the loss of a loved one.

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US VegWeek 2013 begins April 22

Again, how about just making it a Vegan Life, but I guess every little step in the right direction is better than no movement in the right direction.
US VegWeek 2013

How can you still support this kind of horror and pain?


If this doesn’t break your heart, then I am afraid little else will.

They grieve too