From The Secular Buddhist

“Our contributions to the world are demonstrated by what we do, not in the beliefs we cling to.” TSB

“Believing” in animal rights is all good and well, but what are you actually doing with that belief? Feeling righteous? Feeling better than those who hunt? Or are you practicing what you believe and doing everything you are capable of to protect, rescue, and otherwise save EVERY living being. If you are not doing these things, I believe the proper label for you would be HYPOCRITE.

How about starting to demonstrate your belief in animal “rights” by clearing any animal products, or items that make use of any animal “byproduct” out of your house. And then go find an animal that needs a home and give him/her one. Become their guardian for life. Through the good times, as well as those times they may need a little more.

Your choice. Your belief.

Your thoughts?

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