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This is harsh, but it is very typical when you believe strongly in animal protection

A completely ignorant response from a journalist to The Thinking Vegan

Vital Alert from PCRM

This is despicable that this unnecessary killing is continuing. but you can help put a stop to it.

Ask the Army to Cancel its Plans to Kill Goats for Five More Years


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From the ASPCA – Help stop the killing and abuse

Does She Look Like A Fighter?
Help end dog fighting.

The reality is startling. Young puppies used in dog fighting are often forced into lives of extreme abuse and neglect. Tethered to short, heavy chains, they can go for days without food or clean water. And when they are old enough to fight, many die of blood loss, shock and exhaustion.

Just 60¢ a day can help end dog fighting and bring animal abusers to justice.

Our team works hard to stop dog fighting — but we need your support. Your monthly donation can help the ASPCA provide critical training to police officers and veterinarians across the nation. Your gift also helps support our work in criminal investigations, which help rescue countless dogs and aid in the prosecution of dog fighters.

Please donate today — together we can save dogs from this violent abuse.

This IS NOT the solution

From Time for Action:

Locking Cats Up Without Food or Water is NOT a Solution

March 19, 2013

Some Belarus cities have a rat problem, but the solution they came up with to deal with it is unbelievably cruel. Authorities lock cats in basements — no food, no water — to deal with the rats.

Tell Belarus officials to stop this awful, abusive way to manage their rat problem.

Local citizens have reported hearing disturbing cries of thirst and hunger from the cats, and some have been admitted to feeding the poor animals through the iron plates used to seal them into the basements. Without kind samaritans, officials are simply condemning the cats to a long, slow, painful death from starvation and dehydration.

An animal rights leader estimates that 9,000 cats have been killed in Minsk alone in the last three years. This widespread practice needs to stop before we lose another 9,000.

Demand Belarus authorities stop locking cats in basements to “deal with” rats.

Support the Tax Saving Pet Adoption, Sterilization, and Transfer Act

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