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Help stop the senseless slaughter of horses

From the ASPCA:

Dear Animal Advocates,

We need your help on behalf of our nation’s horses. The Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act has just been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The bill will, at long last, prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption in the U.S. and ban their export abroad for that purpose.

There are no horse slaughterhouses currently operating in the U.S., but that’s about to change—the USDA is getting ready to approve one in New Mexico, and applications from other states will not be far behind. Unless we enact a federal ban on the slaughter of horses for their meat, one of these polluting, disgusting, unspeakably cruel operations could soon be setting up in your community.

Americans do not eat horse meat for cultural reasons—and contrary to the declarations of horse slaughter proponents, horse meat is not safe. Because they’re raised as companions, not food animals, horses are given medications and other toxic substances that the FDA expressly forbids for human consumption.

You already know that horse slaughter is inherently cruel. You already know that it benefits only foreign markets. But this industry is dead-set on returning to our shores and continuing to victimize American horses, and the need for your voice, speaking out in opposition, has never been greater.

What You Can Do

Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online right now to quickly email and call your U.S. representative and senators. Urge them to support and cosponsor the SAFE Act (S. 541/H.R. 1094), or, if they have already signed on as cosponsors, thank them for standing up for horses.

On behalf of the horses, thank you for your help!

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Wow. Really?

From 2000:

By David Willey in Rome

A leading conservative candidate to succeed Pope John Paul II has warned that the Antichrist foreseen in the Book of Revelations is already among us.

As the Pope becomes frailer, questions about the succession are more pressing
Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, 71, said that the modern Antichrist, identified in the Book of Revelation as a seven-headed beast, was most likely now disguised as a philanthropist supporting creeds like vegetarianism, animal rights or pacifism, or advocating dialogue with Orthodox or Anglican believers.

But his true aim was to undermine the Catholic church, the Cardinal argued.

This is where the owner should be instead