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From The Huffington Post:

Regardless of how you feel about pit bulls, this is sick, wrong, and deserves equal treatment of those involved. Disgusting.

The NYPD has launched an investigation to find a group of men caught on surveillance camera igniting a bag filled with dogs on fire outside a Brooklyn warehouse on Saturday.

The shocking video captures a van pulling into the warehouse parking lot located in Canarsie.

One of the men chucks the bag, filled with an adult pit bull and three puppies, inside a dumpster. The men then set the bag on fire.

They drive away as the fire quickly grows.

ABC reports Sammy Omar was among the workers who discovered the dogs’ remains.

“I couldn’t stand to look at it,” Omar said. “I don’t even like to talk about it. It was a horrible thing to do to a dog. It was torture. The puppies were all burned up.”

The ASPCA has been notified of the horrific crime.