Just one small example of the cruelty that abounds

This video is extremely graphic and I could not watch even more than about 20 seconds of it. I am literally shaking with anger and sadness. These Mexicans who committed this horrendous act of abuse deserve nothing less than the same cruelty as they inflicted on this newborn puppy. And then they need to suffer even more. I only post this as an example and to show that there are people out there like these assholes who obviously think this is funny and deserves posting on a social media site so others can share in the laughter. I would not, under any circumstances, allow these people to live should I ever find them. Hopefully, someone, somewhere will see this, know who these people are, and bring them to immediate street justice. And they are laughing as they do this? We live in a very, very sick world. And this is probably only one of thousands of examples of this stuff that happens out there.

I am so completely numb with anger and sadness. Help get this out and help to find out who did this.

Puppy Burning