If You Have the Courage…..

Most of us would rather just not know. It is far easier to just ignore the abuse that the animals we consume go through for us to have meat on our tables. Like a turkey at Thanksgiving. To ease our consciouses, it is easier to just accept the treatment of these animals as “just the way it is.” It takes far more courage and honesty to face the facts and to acknowledge that the treatment of these animals is inhumane and immoral, and just plain wrong.

Why is it important to point these things out and to try to get people to see the actual proof of the abuse? Why not just let things be and face the facts that turkeys and cows and pigs and chickens are bred and raised for the sole purpose of feeding us? Why bring these things up at all? Because this abuse DOES happen. And this abuse IS wrong. And because “just not thinking about these things” allows us to continue to feel good about ourselves and to pretend it doesn’t really happen. But it does. And here’s the proof. Take it for what it is.

Have the courage to acknowledge that our choices are wrong. Or, just continue to perpetuate the situation and load the rifles and go find some innocent deer to slaughter, or sharpen up the axes and line up the turkeys. Or better yet, just dismiss those who bring these things to your attention as “radicals,” and “kooks.” That’s far easier isn’t it? Just pretend it doesn’t happen. And that the circle of life is as it should be and life is jolly and festive.