A Life is a Life

In the wake of the extremely tragic shooting last night in Aurora Colorado at the movie theater, I have been contemplating the sanctity of life. It is indeed horrifying what that guy did at the theater. Why can’t we have the expectation of going to a movie and enjoying ourselves without fear that some lunatic asshole is going to start blasting away with absolutely no regard for human life? Don’t we have the expectation of safety anymore when we go out in public? Do we all have to arm ourselves and barricade our front doors and become hermits in our own homes?

And although it is not NEAR as tragic as what this guy did last night, isn’t it also tragic how easily we can take an animal’s life? How easy and convenient it is to keep a dog or a horse we don’t really love chained to a tree outside in the blazing sun? Or how we can elect to make an animal our pet just to ignore and abuse and not feed it? Is an animal’s life worth as much as a human life? No. Animals don’t provide the same (in some cases) benefit to humanity. But still, shouldn’t even what many consider a “dumb” animal have the expectation of a pain free life without the constant fear of man? I mean if they don’t deserve that right in your eyes, then don’t raise them. Completely divorce yourself from any contact with them. And that includes eating them. If you can’t respect animal life, then chances are, you probably don’t have the highest regard for human life either.

Perhaps equating human and animal lives is not valid. Perhaps it is. Isn’t every living, breathing being just as worthy of life?

Your thoughts?

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