Urgent Help Request

SARA Sanctuary in Seguin, Texas is in urgent need of donations and adoption candidates! In these harder economic times, people tend to give less and less to charitable organizations because, understandably, they are more concerned with their own jobs, welfare, and families. Putting food on their tables is more important. But at places like SARA, who get no government funds, and who have to rely solely on the kindness of others, these are just as critical times.

Currently, we have over 60 cats, 350 dogs, some horses, some burros, about 300 pigs (both feral and domestic), and assorted other farm animals ready for adoption. The most urgent need for adoptions right now, are for kittens/cats, and puppies/dogs. If you have ever considered adopting a new animal family member, this is the time. There are several very young kittens now available for adoption and many older cats as well. The same goes for the dogs. We have two new puppies recently added, and many, many other older, deserving dogs that need to find their forever homes. Most of these animals have already been spayed/neutered, and have had their initial shots. The exceptions are the younger kittens and animals that are too new yet to have had their initial checkups. However, even these newer pets will be ready to go quickly after you decide which one you want to add to your family.

These two puppies were recently just abandoned at the front gates of SARA, and are prime adoption candidates. Each one is just as sweet as the other. These (approximately) four-month old children are starving for affection, and deserve more than to be dumped somewhere hoping someone would find them and take them in. They are actually much smaller than this picture makes them look!

Can you find it in your heart to help? Please pass this on to anyone that you know of who has a caring, loving home just waiting for a new family member. These animals are in desperate need, and you can help. Even if you are not ready to adopt, or live too far away from Seguin, can you give even a little bit of a financial boost? Everything helps. If you want to donate, please contact pleasedonatetosara@gmail.com or visit our Web site, SARA Sanctuary as soon as you can.

We are just starting the summer here in Texas (although sometimes it seems like it starts in February and goes all the way through October!), and temperatures this week are already reaching over 100 searing degrees. These animals and many more like them deserve to live in a cooler home where they can receive the love they so rightly deserve. PLEASE HELP!

Your thoughts?

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