Do I Love Animals More Than People?

Maybe. Okay, probably most of the time. That DOES NOT mean that there aren’t people in my life that I love completely and would do anything for. Because there are. I am perfectly capable of all of the usual human interactions that make life worth living. However, I have such disgust and anger at so many others, who should be dealt with as they treat other beings. Human and not.

Why is this true? Why do I like animals much better than humans in so many cases? It is because animals don’t ask for much from us. A safe place to live out their existence. Food, water, and shelter. To not be abused or killed for stupid human reasons. They simply ask to be treated as living beings. There are no hidden agendas. No harsh opinions or arguments or condemning words. No desire to discard or dispatch a human because they feel that human is no longer a valid being. No desire to eat a human or to use their bodies and all parts thereof for their own selfish purpose. Simple beings. Simply being.

Many humans on the other hand, are complete opposites. There  is no hesitation to take an animal’s life when we want or feel we “need” that animal to serve our own purposes instead. There is no hesitation to turn a domesticated animal out of our home and expect them (idiotically I might add) to survive because they are “animals,” and come from nature, and can therefore live again in nature. Really? A domesticated cat can go from years of living protected in your home to suddenly having the instincts and the skills that cats who were abandoned at birth have? Why is it okay to take your dog, who is no longer wanted (because he has grown old, or sick, or is now just an expensive nuisance), to some remote location, kick them out of your car, and then drive off quickly expecting that that dog will make it okay or someone will find her and take her in. Really? Are you a complete idiot?

And that is just the plight of some domesticated animals. The abuses and pain suffered by factory farm animals is sometimes too painful to even contemplate. We raise, slaughter, abandon, and eat or wear these animals because we have determined or just have always believed that these animals exist purely for our own selfish pleasures. We treat them as stupid, unfeeling, mindless beasts who have no other desires in life other than to be slaughtered for our “needs.” The plight of these animals is one of our biggest shames. We owe the animal kingdom something that they will likely never get from us. An apology.

Dramatic? Yes. True? yes. Visit any animal shelter, humane society, animal sanctuary, or similar organization that exists to help these defenseless creatures. Those organizations that help end the cycles of pain and unbelievable cruelty caused by those who care little if at all about what happens to these being after we are done using them for our own selfish needs.

There are many fine animal care organizations that are well-funded, like the ASPCA, and the Humane Society, who still need our support. But there are many more smaller, underfunded, desperate, non-profit organizations, (many in your own backyard) that struggle daily to help the animals in their care. These include SARA Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society, Animal Place, and so many others. To find some in your state, go here for only a partial list.

Many of us can’t give much in the way of money. But we can give of our time. We can make a difference simply by going to these places and offering whatever help we can. Some of us can afford to give money. How much could you help by sending them the equivalent of what you spend in a week in the grocery store for the products you buy that contain animals by-products or animal flesh. Could you do that for one week? Would you do that?

My point is, is that if you care even a little, then adopt a shelter pet. And not just the furry cute little kittens. The older ones that will never be adopted otherwise because they are too old or not “cute” enough. Send some money. Spend some time. Give a damn. Become a vegan, or at the very least, a vegetarian. Because if we don’t, who will? Not the government. Not animal abusers. Not meat eaters.