Real California Milk

This is how the California Milk Advisory Board wants you to think dairy cows live their lives in the state:

Here, instead, is how more than 95% of the dairy cows in California are really treated. (You tell me which one is the truth.)

But don’t take my word for it. Read No Happy Cows, by John Robbins.

Three Reasons…

Three reasons why I KNOW animals have feelings, needs, and are more than just stupid animals who are soulless “things” that just spend their days eating, and sleeping. (Although they do plenty of the latter!)

In order (by age oldest to youngest), Shasta, Shalimar, and Max. All three, rescue cats.

Best Indie Author of 2011/2012

Recently voted one of the Best Indie Authors of 2011/2012, Andrew E. Kaufman writes psychological thrillers with a touch of horror and the occult guaranteed to keep you up long into the night. Do yourself a favor and check out his books and short story in the bookstore via the link in the left column of this page. Andrew E. Kaufman. Remember that name.